Mergers and Acquisitions in Cyprus: How good was the deal?

Mergers and Acquisitions in Cyprus: How good was the deal?

The European University Cyprus on behalf of KPMG Limited, cordially invite you to a presentation of the study results on Mergers and Acquisitions in Cyprus on Wednesday, 4th February 2009, at 17:30, at the Cultural Center of European University Cyprus. The global economic crisis has brought to the headlines the importance of Mergers and Acquisitions (M & As) once again. The debate going on for the past two decades by researchers on the reasons why so many deals fail is still a hot topic today.


This has motivated the European University Cyprus on behalf of KPMG to conduct a research study on M & As in Cyprus. In this event the research results will be presented. The purpose of the study was to examine the perceptions of senior executives of Cypriot publicly listed companies in terms of their experience in M&As The study shows that M & As in Cyprus follow the international trend: there is increased M&A activity when equity markets are up and less when they are down. 


The study showed that contrary to the international evidence, the majority of M&As in Cyprus are judged as successful and are deemed to add value to the M&A equation. The innovative nature of this study stems from the fact that no similar research study has ever been done before in Cyprus on this topic, since the significant increase in the value and number of deals has only occurred during the last two-three years on the island. Please click here to view the invitation.




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