Swine flu Measures

European University is well-prepared and has established procedures for dealing with Swine Flu Practically the University has taken pro-active anti-infection measures such as introducing enhanced cleaning procedures, installing hand-gel dispensers and informing students and staff about personal hygiene.  Full information on how to prevent the infection, symptoms of the Swine Flu and other useful information are available both in Greek and English in the attached documents.

Furthermore please note the following actions are taken by the university:

The actions taken by the University to minimize the potential of infection are as follows:

  1. Brochures about the Swine Flu (Greek & English) have been provided by the Ministry of Health and distributed to all students, faculty and staff.
  2. Informative posters have been displayed on the Bulletin Boards throughout the University.
  3. 100 Antiseptic dispensers for proper hand hygiene (photo cell and manually operated) have been mounted to suitable places throughout the University.
  4. 100 reusable personal antiseptic dispensers have been given out to the staff for personal hand hygiene. This will be repeated several times until everyone has their own dispenser.
  5. All supportive personnel (maintenance, cleaners) have undergone special training for using cleaning and hygiene liquids.
  6. Disposable gloves, masks and caps, for precaution against swine flu have been purchased.
  7. All resources for the precaution for swine flu are available at the First Aid Station, Ext. 3003.

Actions taken in case of diagnosed Swine Flu:

  1. The First Aid Station should be contacted (Ext. 3003) and the symptoms shall be described.
  2. In case of a serious case the First Aid Station sends the patient directly to the hospital for further investigation.
  3. In diagnosed cases the person stays at home.  The approximate isolation period is 7 days Spreading of the disease begins 2 days in advance of the diagnosis and has lifecycle for 7 days.
  4. If any student, faculty or staff member develops swine flu symptoms he/she stays at home.
  5. All the cases are recorded by the First Aid Station.
  6. Any information given either by students or members of staff will be processed by the University in accordance with the personal data protection regulations.
  7. In case of an upswing in Swine Flu cases within the University the management of the University will officially announce new measures and guidelines.