Sustainability and social responsibility through learning in SME

Our University is taking part in the Leonardo project “Sustainability and social responsibility through learning in SME” which is funded by the Leonardo da Vinci “Transfer of Innovation” Programme. The project will have a two-year duration and the total budget is 300,000 EUR.

The EUC project team consists of Prof. Kostas Gouliamos, Dr. Athanasios Hadjimanolis and Ms. Celia Hadjichristodoulou. The project aims to transfer and further develop an innovative methodology to develop a CSR strategy within SMEs (small and medium enterprises), using a balanced scorecard monitoring methodology and helping to develop systematic learning activities.

This project is proposing a corporate social responsibility “Step by Step” process centered on promoting work integrated learning activities within SMEs. The European dimension to this project is based on the size of the partnership, a combination of European Universities and institutes from Latvia to Cyprus and from Spain to Poland.

The project coordinator is the Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania) and the partner responsible for transferring the innovation is ISOB (Institut fuer sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH) from Germany. The innovation will be transferred to Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Cypriot, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese SMEs.

For more information please visit the project website: