Can I get any financial assistance for my studies?

Can I get any financial assistance for my studies?

Cyprus College offers an extensive Financial Aid Program, which aims to provide financial assistance to students who need financial aid in order to begin or complete their studies at EUC.    

It must be noted however, that Financial Aid Funds are provided by EUC and are limited. Students and their families are expected to finance their education and Financial Aid should be considered only as supplementary assistance.
There are various schemes to help the student financially:
  • Scholarships for new International Students. EUC awards scholarships ranging from 10 to 20% on tuition to selected students with outstanding performance (B average and above) on their High School leaving certificate or Bachelor degree. The percentage of scholarship given can be increased in the case of outstanding candidates. More details are available from EUC Office of Admissions.
  • Academic Excellence Scholarships. Academic excellence scholarships are given at the end of each academic year, to the top 20 students, for academic achievement at EUC as follows:

Scholarship Amount Euro Approximately
Highest GPA 1,750
Second highest GPA 1,575
Third highest GPA 1,400
For the next 5 GPAs 700
For the next 5 GPAs 525
For the next 7 GPAs 350


These scholarships are given in the form of tuition reduction only to those students who will register for the next academic year. Scholarships are based on the G.P.A. of the academic year and are awarded irrespective of financial need.


  • Athletic Scholarships. Athletic scholarships are offered to students who participate in the intercollegiate sports teams of the university. The scholarships range from 5 to 50% of tuition and are based upon the participant’s level of performance.
  • On-campus Work Programs. EUC offers €17,000 annually in the form of part-time, on-campus jobs in the Universities offices and departments. Students can work for a maximum of twenty hours a week and are compensated between US$500-US$1,500 per semester in the form of tuition waiver and/or wages. Available jobs are announced at the beginning of every semester and are posted on the main bulletin board of the University. According to the Immigration Regulations of Cyprus, holders of a student visa are not allowed to work off campus.