Student Support

Cyprus College challenges and supports students in order to facilitate the development of their intellectual, emotional, recreational and career growth. Student support attempts to help students in coping with various problems of a personal, emotional and/or interpersonal nature that may constitute obstacles to their adjustment to College, their academic success, and personal growth.


  • Office of Student Affairs:

The Office of Student Affairs strives to create a world of opportunities, encouraging students to develop, explore, and express themselves as individuals in a community dedicated to mutual respect. We aspire and are committed to instilling in our students a sense of active social engagement and responsibility as well as leadership in the firm belief that this helps shape the character of the individual and contributes to the betterment of the community.


The office of Student Affairs consists of:

  • Student Life and Activities:

Student life is an important aspect of university education as it can offer a unique opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills. Campus life at Cyprus College focuses on the intellectual, occupational, social and cultural growth and nurturing of students. One of the many responsibilities we have towards our students is that of creating an interesting and supportive environment that meets their wide range of interests and talents. Students are encouraged to become involved with one or more clubs and student organizations. The College offers a variety of clubs and student Associations, 10 intercollegiate teams, sports, and student government. Extra curricular activities ranging from  Legal Rhetoric Speech Contest, Cultural Night, Meditation, BBQs, Parties, Excursions and Festivals, complement an active campus life and offer ample opportunity for fun and memories.


  • Housing Services:

The Housing Office is committed to creating a safe and well-maintained environment that promotes community values and fosters security, student comfort and development. At Cyprus College we are very proud of our housing facilities which have been chosen and designed to address specific needs. We offer a range of high quality housing options, all located close to campus. The housing facilities can contribute not only to your academic achievement but to your social and recreational life as well.  Over 140 students can be accommodated in the College’s housing facilities.


  • Career Center:

The Cyprus College Career Office was established in 1989 and provides students and alumni with comprehensive career advice. The Office maintains links to a wide range of local and regional public- and private-sector enterprises and organizations, as well as offering a range of personal and career development services. 

Some of the services Offered are:

  1. Social Networking
  2. Career Exhibition
  3. Linking occupations to Degrees
  4. Career Panels
  5. CV Writing
  6. Internship Programs
  7. Field Trips


  • Alumni Association:

The Alumni Association is sponsored by Cyprus College and its mission is  to create a lifelong and worldwide community of alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to nurture awareness, pride, participation, volunteer involvement, and philanthropic commitment. The Alumni Association Committee ensures a close relationship between graduates and the College and even more importantly, it offers an excellent opportunity for networking since the alumni body amounts to over 4,200—an exceptionally wide network of successful professionals whose continued contact with the University is essential to the ongoing development of the College and its graduates.


  • Advising Center:

The Advising/Mentoring & Student Support Center provides students with academic advising/mentoring which is central to providing quality services. The Advising/Mentoring & Student Support Center has a positive contribution to organisational goals always trying to act as a student-centered institution. Advising/mentoring is mandatory for all students. New coming students are introduced to a welcoming environment and are guided to choose courses towards degree requirements. Furthermore, existing students’ performance and progress is continually monitored. 

The orientation program is designed to welcome new students to the Cyprus College community. We are aware that every beginning involves new demands, new responsibilities and new concerns. In our effort to assist students to adjust to this stage as smoothly as possible, ...
The main objective of academic advising is to assist students in wisely selecting and pursuing their academic studies. There are also additional benefits, such as an improved efficiency in the registration process, better use of Department and College resources, and increased ...