College Vision, Mission and Values

College Vision, Mission and Values

Statement of General Purpose
Cyprus College is an independent, coeducational college of liberal arts and sciences for men and women of academic promise and strong personal motivation. The College has a strong commitment to higher education in general, vocational and professional education and excellence in teaching, research and service to the society in particular.

Educational Purpose
The educational purpose of the College is to create an academic and social environment, in which students are challenged, guided and supported to develop and achieve their personal and professional goals. Students are challenged to develop as independent, effective, active, rational and creative thinkers and citizens, who appreciate and respect social, moral and ethical values. To this end, the academic programs of the College are characterized by an integrated general education curriculum and strong academic and career concentrations. In addition, graduate programs offer the students the opportunity to extend and deepen knowledge of specialized disciplines and secure additional training for greater occupational competency.

Research Purpose
The College is primarily a teaching institution of higher learning. However, the College views research as an additional important function, which stems from its responsibility to contribute to the expansion of knowledge and understanding. It, therefore, encourages and promotes research and scholarship among the Teaching Personnel and the students and supports, in every possible way, other forms of research.

Service to Society Purpose
The College understands its special role as an intellectual and social resource. In this role, the College, through its Teaching Personnel, students, facilities and services, assumes major responsibility for the enrichment of the quality of the society and the economic development of the country.

Student Body Purpose
The College has an admission policy that serves academically capable and promising Cypriots, as well as qualified international students, without regard to ethnic background, religion, sex or age.